blink 182 is so weird cause one second you’re listening to a song about blow jobs and then all of the sudden adams song comes on and you’re on the floor crying


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Dan Stevens and Benedict Cumberbatch attends a Gala Screening of ‘The Guest’ at Soho Hotel on September 1, 2014 in London, England. (x)







listen, Nickelodeon. If you wanna get your ratings back to an all time high, just make a series about Drake & Josh in college. Do it. Just fucking do it.

just fucking do it.

Drake said he wanted to film a new Drake and Josh movie but he would need more public support if that was to happen

well heres his public fuckin support

Eighty seven thousand public supports

over 155 thousand public supports


plus size + beach wear




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I've heard that T can cause acne. Does it tend to go away after several years on T, or does it stick around forever? Also, I already have acne - in fact, STILL have acne even though I'm 26. Will T make my acne worse? Will I ever NOT have acne?


Adrian: Most of the time your acne will settle down with time. I also had moderate acne before testosterone, and increased acne my first 3ish years on hormones and now I’m virtually acne-free. We’ve written quite a few articles about this topic that I’ll link to below:

If you already have moderate acne before T, will you be more prone to worse acne on T?

Any advice on face acne? Mine is out of control. I’ve been on T for 24 weeks, does it ever calm down? Help! :/

How to Take Care of Your Skin for the Transitional Male

10 Things Your Dermatologist Should Have Told You

Tips for Trans Men | Tip #36: How to Deal with Acne

Be proactive about your skin, figure out what kind of washes/scrubs work best. Go to a dermatologist if you can, even your general practitioner can prescribe you these medications. There are have recent developments as to what kind of acne medications can be sold over the counter and which ones need a prescription and more and more you can just pick up these things at your local big box or beauty department. I was always told to wait a season before making up your mind about your regimen, because your face is about a season behind (for example, in the fall your face will be recovering from all of the sweat/lotion/sun that you had on it during the summer). Be patient, but don’t be afraid to try new things. Anyone have a specific regimen that works well for them? Any other tips or tricks?

Other articles about dealing with acne:

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Amanda Abbington ladies and gents.


Amanda Abbington ladies and gents.


this is so important


this is so important


Gala Screening Of ‘The Guest’

Dan Stevens and Benedict Cumberbatch attends a Gala Screening of ‘The Guest’ at Soho Hotel on September 1, 2014 in London, England





did you know soap doesn’t really clean your hands it just makes the water molecules smaller so the water can go into smaller crevices in your skin isn’t that the weirdest shit you’ve read today

No no no no no no no no no nonononononono

OK, let’s go through the different ways in which this is obviously not true even without any knowledge of molecules or how they work.

  1. How big is a molecule of water. Who cares but, like, really freaking tiny, right? So tiny that it’s already plenty small to fit into any crevice your skin happens to have.
  2. When you get bacon grease on your skin, it doesn’t wash off, it just spreads around…it’s clearly on the surface of your skin, not hiding in a bunch of crevices. How do we envision “shrinking water molecules” helps solve this problem?
  3. If the water molecules are smaller and thus getting into the crevices like the post says, why does soap not “really clean your hands.” I mean, my hands are cleaner after I use soap…I can see that with my own eyes. How does something get reblogged 90,000 times that can be absolutely, unequivocally refuted by looking at the results of an activity which, I assume, we all do multiple times per day?

So, now that we know this is false, let’s talk about reality!

  1. Water molecules cannot be shrunk. They are the size they are due to the size of the atoms that make them and the size of an atom cannot be changed without taking away electrons. 
  2. Water is really good at dissolving molecules that, like water, have partial charges. But water is bad at dissolving stuff that doesn’t have any charge. Oil, of course, being a really good example of a “non-polar” molecule. The molecules that make up soap have one side that’s really good at dissolving polar molecules (like water) and another side that’s really good at dissolving non-polar molecules (like butter). The non-polar side dissolves the non-polar stuff, while the polar side dissolves in the water, allowing the whole mess to get washed away.
  3. Soap also often contains stuff that’s specifically designed to kill bacteria. This works by creating an environment that pretty much blows them up…it cuts their cell membranes and their insides spill out. And then all of it gets WASHED AWAY! 
  4. By normal, regular-sized molecules.


basically my life can be summed up in alternating periods of Linda Belcher’s “Alriiiiight!” and Bob Belcher’s “Oh my god”


Dan Stevens and Benedict Cumberbatch today at the gala screening of The Guest. via @yasammez


Dan Stevens and Benedict Cumberbatch today at the gala screening of The Guest. via @yasammez